Comprehensive Hygiene Program

Comprehensive Hygiene Program

Comprehensive Hygiene Program

Our mission is to enable processes to provide comprehensive hygiene in all areas. The offer, which includes experience, professional competence as well as professional and comprehensive approach, is rounded off with top-quality cleaning agents. We provide our customers with the most effective hygiene system in terms of internal and external factors that affect their business.


4 steps to an efficient hygiene system


Identifying needs

Everything starts with the first step. The effectiveness of the implemented hygiene system depends on understanding the needs of the customer. Therefore, at the beginning, a lot of attention is devoted to getting to know all the important factors, needs, limitations and wishes. The process is upgraded with an overview of the existing state, costs, compliance with the legislation, HACCP sanitary guideline, good production practice and environmental impact analysis. We involve experts from various fields who, at the very beginning, help to identify the real challenge and prepare a reasoned proposal of the most optimal solutions.

Introduction of the system

The introduction of effective solutions often brings changes in processes and handling. You can rely that we assume all the details and take care of training everyone involved in the processes. You will achieve your hygiene standards in the optimal way through our experience in various segments.

Preparing a solution

We fully address all the processes. After analyzing the customer’s needs, we deepen in the proposal of optimizing processes and products. The proposed solution includes premium hygiene, transparent operation and cost control at the target level according to the preliminary findings. The solution is prepared using state-of-the-art technical tools.

Monitoring, upgrading

We ensure prompt control. The operation of the implemented system is regularly monitored and upgraded. We have developed the KIMI Advice information tool, with which we are constantly analyzing the implementation of processes and finding new opportunities for improvement.